Commander Shepard

The First Human Spectre


Commander Jane Shepard is the first human Spectre, and a powerful vanguard.


Her family being killed by slavers at age 16, Shepard was saved by an Alliance patrol and enlisted in the military at age 18. Shepard developed a ruthless reputation after the battle of Torfan (A moon base for criminals) where the Batarians had built deep underground bunkers. Sheppard mercilessly sent her troops on suicidal runs into the bunkers killing 3/4 of her unit, but completely destroying the enemy earning the nickname “Butcher of Torfan”.

Afterwards Shepard was assigned to the SSV Normandy, under Captain Anderson. On what appeared be a small shakedown run to one of the Alliance colonies in the Terminus Systems, called Eden Prime, something very different than expected happened. A Turian Spectre named Nihlus Kryik was present to evaluate Shepard in the Alliance’s hopes of her becoming the first human spectre, but he was here for another reason as well. There was a working Prothean Beacon, an ancient technology used to convey data of ancient technologies, in the colony that they were to pick up. When Shepard and her team landed on the planet Content Not Found: saren-arterius-deceased-2 and his army of Geth attacked killing Nihlus and attempting to destroy the colony after the beacon was used by Saren. Shepard’s squad saved the colony, when Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams touched the beacon it activated giving Shepard strange visions when she saved Williams from an energy blast given off by the device. The Human embassy on the Citadel (this was before the humans were a council race) tried to appeal to The Council to revoke Saren’s Spectre status due to his hand in preceding events, but due to lack of evidence they were denied. After an investigation into Saren’s activities with the help of Garrus Vakarian (Turian), Urdnot Wrex (Krogan), and Tali’Zorah nar Rayya (Quarian), incriminating evidence was found linking Saren to the Geth attack revoking his Spectre status, because of this Shepard was given Spectre status and command of the Normandy to hunt him down. After rescuing Doctor Liara T’Soni, and missions on Noveria, Feros, and Virmire (where Ashley Williams sacrificed her life to destroy a krogan cloning facility controlled by Saren), Saren attacked The Citadel with Sovereign. it took the combined efforts of C-Sec and the Alliance to destroy the Geth threat and save the Council, while Shepard’s team killed Saren. For humanity’s actions during the Battle of the Citadel they were accepted into the Council.

While cleaning up remaining Geth resistance the Normandy was destroyed killing Shepard who gave her life trying to save the rest of the crew, who mostly survived. After two years of intense research and use of cutting edge technology Shepard was brought back to life by the organization Cerberus to investigate the disappearances of entire human colonies. Shepard investigated these happenings and found out the enemy was the Collectors, so decided to work with Cerberus to stop them, who after the agreement was made gave her a new ship, the Normandy SR2, a copy of her original ship with a few upgrades and a new crew including the helmsman Flight Lieutenant Jeff “Joker” Moreau and Major Dr. Karin Chakwas of the original Normandy. then Shepard assembled a team including Garrus Vakarian, and Tali’Zorah nar Rayya from her previous adventures. After infiltrating the Geth consensus, the crew of the Normandy found their way through the unexplored Omega 4 relay and destroyed the collector base, in this battle Jacob Taylor and half of the Normandy crew dies (not Jeff or Karin). After this Shepard went back to the Alliance where she was detained and relived of command until further notice because of her association with Cerberus and the nature of her resurrection.

Commander Shepard

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